How you can help

You can help in many ways:

  • Report Bugs by creating issues.
  • Translate SilverStrike into your own language using crowdin. If you wish to have rights to approve translations for a specific language or want to add a new one, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Submit feature requests in GitHub. Please check the roadmap first.
  • Submit actual code using pull requests in GitHub.
  • Design stuff for SilverStrike. I’m not a designer, if you are please contact me for more information.

Sending money

I don’t have many costs connected to the development of SilverStrike and since I’m primarily developing for me, I don’t really need to be paid. If you want to send me money (I don’t want to use donation, because it will be a personal payment and not a donation), you can do so using my link.

The money will be used to:

  • Keep the server used for this website and the demo running
  • Buy a nicer domain (the current one is a free one…)
  • Buy the occasional pizza and beer to keep me motivated to continue development